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           Josue’ Simon
Even with success as a Haitian American professional saxophonist, the continuous trials and tribulations causes the talented saxophone player to give up performing. An unexpected death forces Josue’ and his dancer turned unemployed brother Ruben,  to take care of his injured mother and bills, conforming to everyday 9-5 life. After an unexpected intervention with his Father’s  musical past, the Newark Native ends  coming of age path of uncertainty recording  his first  music with unlikely artistic allies and dangerous foes in the city of Newark and beyond.

     Dreymond ( Dre) Smith
Producing music since he was 14 years old, the quiet and passive 26 year old, Dre Smith always had a love and talent for production and being a professional DJ like his dad.  But because of mental illness, lack of  confidence and support from his mother and his dead end security job, the young DJ turns to poetry to express his helpless emotions. As other Newark creatives like his younger dJing sister start  to excel,   Dre pushes outside his comfort zone and confidence level to show his producing skills but finds out it takes more than confidence and ability to make it as a professional producer.  

            Elijah (Eli) Rock
 A  25 year old choir director and multi instrumentalist who leads his parent’s church.  When his parents put pressure  on him to continue the family tradition and prepare to run the church,  Eli has other plans. Secretly a hardcore rapper/producer who has performed at all around PA, Eli learns of a bigger audience in the growing arts community in Newark NJ. He decides to run away to Newark in hopes of a pursuing a Rap career. But when Eli gets to the Newark, he learns everyone and everything is not as welcoming as he would as he would as hope

         Justice Grey
Born and raised in Newark, a former activist, Singer-songwriter who once dreamed of performing her music as a major recording artist in front of thousands of crowds. Justice was once a lead singer in a band with her song rising on the charts. Inadequate business arrangements led to the end of their relationship as a band and friends. Twenty years later, she runs into the son of her former band member, who realizes her connection to his father’s past may help Josue’ in his musical future and help Justice redefine her own.

                  Angela Smith 
A beautiful 26 year old African American Rutgers Newark College graduate  is a rising marketing executive at Equal Space marketing firm. Angela and Josue’ have been friends since  high school, Angela helps him get a job at equal space. After his father passed, the two became even closer, crossing boundaries. Things become even more awkward as Josue’ starts to shows no interest in his job, straining her relationship with her boss. Angela tries to focus on the issue, but  is focused on helping her childhood friend Nate, who needs help running his band growing in popularity. Through her friend’s dreams, Angela realizes a goal she doesn’t see coming that will force her to make a life-changing choice.

Euphony is Elijah’s younger sister. Soulful vocalist, and lead singer for the choir at their parent’s megachurch. The 21 year old loves singing but has only been allowed to sing gospel  songs , never allowed to listen to secular music. She loves leading the choir and their congregation along with her brother Eli directing the choir. She listens to her parents and abides by their rules. When Elijah runs away to Newark, Euphony taking to her parent’s wishes, goes to Newark after Elijah. Once she gets to the city, she is opened to music that causes her to challenge her values.